KBI Mammalian Cell Line Development Services

Capabilities and Services

Cell Line Development

Flexible options for CHO host expression with rapid CLD

Rapid Material Generation

Up to 10 grams rapidly generated for your R&D needs

Manufacturability Assessment

An early assessment giving you the best chance of success

CHO Cell Line Development

KBI Biopharma can meet your needs for rapid cell line development with high productivity

KBI has extensive experience working with a variety of mammalian expression systems including:

Our competitive timeline can be as fast as 12 weeks from transfection to fully characterized RCB. Our platforms express a diverse range of molecules with high titers including mAbs, bispecifics, Fc-fusions, recombinant proteins, ADCs, enzymes, glycoprotein vaccines and biosimilars. Our clone stability assessment ensures expression and product quality beyond MCB generation.


KBI has a proven track record with 80+ cell line development programs and 180+ USPD programs successfully completed. Working with KBI, you will get a robust, scalable CHO cell line that can be seamlessly transitioned into a full CMC program.

Manufacturability Assessment

KBI Biopharma can meet your needs for rapid cell line development with high productivity.

Our manufacturability assessment package provides clients an economical tool to select the lead molecule out of a few candidates with the most stable profile, giving you the best chance of success at a very early stage. 


Candidate Selection:
  • Transient expression or stable pool generation to enable quick
    transition into full CMC programs
Advanced Analyticsfor CQA Assessments:
  • Intact Mass Spec
  • Glycan profiling
  • Accelerated stability programs
  • ELISA/Octet potency assessment
  • Minimum formulation screening

Rapid Material Generation

Candidate material generation for your development needs

With your R&D material needs in mind, KBI can rapidly generate up to 10 grams of materials using transient expression for your tox studies, reference materials and various other R&D testing needs.

  • Transient transfection in CHO or HEK293 for quick μg to g quantity
  • Rapid material generation for early discovery needs
  • Variant testing to choose top expression vector for stable clone development