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Development and Manufacturing Services for New Biologics

Introducing KBI Biopharma's

SUREtechnology Platform™

powered by Selexis® for premium, stable, and integrated CHO-based cell line development

The SUREtechnology Platform is a premium cell line development (CLD) suite of tools and technologies that seamlessly overcomes common expression bottlenecks related to transcription, translation, DNA repair, secretion, protein folding, glycosylation, and more - going from transfection to a fully-characterized research cell bank (RCB) in as little as 11 weeks. 


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Introducing KBI Biopharma's


At KBI Biopharma, our PUREplatform™ is everything you need to make a protein. Catered to your needs, our service package contains plasmids, strains, media, and a fermentation process that fit perfectly and efficiently together. Learn more about how to easily jump-start your microbial program to reduce impurities and reach higher titers. 

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