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Introducing KBI Biopharma's

SUREtechnology Platform™

powered by Selexis® for premium, stable, and integrated CHO-based cell line development

Advanced Custom Cell Line Development for New Biologics

Best-in-class Mammalian-Based Expression System for Breakthrough Molecule Types


Our SUREtechnology Platform™, powered by Selexis®, is our advanced cell line generation technology platform spanning genetic engineering, in-depth cell biology, media and feed strategies, product analytics and characterizations. With our set of all optimized technologies for our proprietary cell line, we are able to overcome common bottlenecks that come with developing high-performance mammalian cell lines, especially when expressing novel molecule types.

Mammalian cells are the gold standard for biologics development. The SUREtechnology Platform is a premium custom cell line development (CLD) suite of tools and technologies that seamlessly overcomes common expression bottlenecks related to transcription, translation, DNA repair, secretion, protein folding, glycosylation, and more - going from transfection to a fully-characterized research cell bank (RCB) in as little as 9 weeks. 


You Have Met Your Match

Our innovative and highly capable SUREtechnology Platform is designed to express a diverse range of molecules with high titers, including mAbs, bispecifics, Fc fusions, enzymes, hormones, blood factors, and vaccines among others, whether they are New Biologic Entities or biosimilars. Using the KBI SURE CHO-M Cell Line™ for custom cell line development, we are able to significantly reduce the time, effort, and costs associated with developing high-performance mammalian cell lines. 

  • Rapid, stable, and cost-effective production of virtually any recombinant protein
  • Seamless integration of the new biologics development continuum, spanning discovery to commercialization
  • Overcome common protein expression bottlenecks with a robust cell line for reduced timelines and exceptional versatility

Enabling Scientific Pioneers by Simplifying the Journey 

Combining Advanced Gene Technology with a Proprietary Cell Line

Develop, Screen, and Manufacture Biologics with the SUREtechnology Platform™


Proprietary SURE CHO-M Cell Line™

As a cornerstone of the SUREtechnology Platform, the SURE CHO-M Cell Line is a proprietary, high-performance cell line derived from CHO-K1 cells and used for the production of biotherapeutics. In two decades, the SURE CHO-M Cell Line has surged into the mammalian custom cell line development industry as a global reference, enabling the commercialization of 10 biotherapeutics and the development of 170+ others.


Expression of a Diverse Range of Molecule Types

From ubiquitous immunoglobulin-based drugs such as monoclonal antibodies, bispecific antibodies, and Fc fusions to novel scaffolds and difficult-to-express proteins, our SUREtechnology Platform has been engineered to streamline custom cell line development for a diverse range of molecule types, including (but not limited to): 

The SUREtechnology Platform is the go-to cell line platform for biopharmaceutical production. Using proprietary codon optimization and proprietary vectors ensures our ability to establish stable and high-performance RCBs with titers reaching up to 10 g/L in a fed-batch production process. Our modular approach assures predictability and consistency. We introduce analytics early in the CLD process to ensure only cell lines with the best quality attributes progress through the subcloning process to the final RCB. 

Making Monoclonal Antibody Development a SURE thing with SUREmAb™

With optimized processes for efficiency and speed, SUREmAb delivers high titers with lower-cost workflows.





Built on the SUREtechnology Platform, SUREmAb shortens development and manufacturing for monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). It enables  RCB development in as little as 9 weeks* and drug substance release in 11 months*. Specifically designed for accelerated, efficient mAb development that is robust and secured, SUREmAb projects achieve high titers of up to 10 g/L with a streamlined, lower-cost workflow that delivers the data and insights you need, the reliability and performance you expect, and the global regulatory compliance you require.

KBI Biopharma's SUREmAb offering is built on the robustness of the SUREtechnology Platform, delivering the quality you expect with a streamlined workflow for straightforward projects. Simple mAb development is a SURE thing with our rapid solution that preemptively navigates technical hurdles for the same quality under accelerated timelines.

With SUREmAb™,
you've met your Match

Efficiency and Speed, Simplified

In your mission to advance science and improve lives, every day matters. SUREmAb has been specifically designed to accelerate development timelines.

Optimized for Your Advantage

SUREmAb is engineered for robust, secured monoclonal antibody development, achieving high titers of up to 10 g/L and offering a streamlined, lower-cost workflow. 

Proven Excellence You Can Trust

With over 15 years of mAb development experience, more than 150 unique therapeutic mAb projects, and 7 commercialized mAbs leveraging the SUREtechnology Platform, you're not just choosing a service - you're joining a legacy of success. 

Innovation with Alleviation of Royalties

By continuing into clinical and commercial manufacturing with KBI, license fees will be waived, enabling you to make the most of our innovation without ongoing financial constraints. 

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* Please note: The SUREmAb offer does not apply to mAb-based biosimilar projects or for any IgG shape-derived proteins that are different from an intact IgG format - including bsAbs, Fc fusions, and IgG fragments - as well as other protein classes outside of IgGs. Timeline estimates are subject to open manufacturing capacity and may vary by project. 

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