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Internship Program

Join the KBI Minor League!

Our Internship Program offers a wide range of opportunities across job functions and departments at our US facilities in North Carolina, Colorado, and Texas.

As part of the KBI Internship Program, we provide valuable hands-on experience and alternative learning opportunities through:


Each intern will be assigned a mentor to help answer relevant career questions and guide them through the acclimation process to the hands-on work and throughout the internship.

Catered Lunch & Learns with Q&A Sessions

Three catered lunch and learn presentations are provided by KBI. These sessions feature guest speakers to help participants better understand the company and industry and offer an opportunity for Q&A and open discussion.

Opening and Closing Dinners

At the beginning and end of the internship, off-site dinners are hosted by KBI's executive management, allowing for team building and conversation with senior leadership in a more relaxed environment.

Now Hiring:

At KBI, we are constantly seeking individuals who share in our commitment to serve our clients as they seek to advance important medicines to improve health outcomes. Being around amazing people and working on things that actually matter creates an incredibly rewarding environment.