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KBI Biopharma's
Analytics Portal

Streamlining analytics ordering and sample coordination

Expert Analytics to Support Robust Data Requirements

Self-Service Analytical Support at Every Phase of the Project Cycle


Introducing the KBI Biopharma Analytics Portal, a one-stop-shop for quote requests, ordering, sample submission and shipment tracking, and a unified visualization of studies.




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Introducing the KBI Biopharma Analytics Portal

Extensive analytics and characterization are vital to ensure patient safety and drug substance efficacy for groundbreaking biologics. As compared to small molecules, biotherapeutic analytics require additional analysis to appropriately address molecule complexity. Oftentimes, this comes with paperwork overload to meet policy requirements, and the standard RFQ process alone can take months.


Our goal is to help you get innovative biologics to patients, faster.


The Analytics Portal converts the once-lengthy process into a fast and easy self-service process for quote requests, order forms, sample submission, and real-time tracking and monitoring. 


Customer-centric quote management

Request, review, and accept quotes quickly within the intuitive customer portal interface. You can easily request a quote for multiple tests and samples, ensuring the quote you receive is exactly what you need - in just a few clicks.


Sample Submission and Real-Time Tracking

Hassle-free sample submission can be completed directly within the portal interface. Easy shipment tracking and testing updates are now available to you in real-time. 


Unified Visualization of Studies

View all of your quote requests, sample submissions, and studies in a single place for a holistic understanding of your analytical projects. You can also view and download reports and results directly from the portal as they become available. 

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