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Commercial Mammalian

Commercial Manufacturing Service: Mammalian

KBI is now offering commercial mammalian manufacturing through its North Carolina single-use facility expansion project.

Building on KBI’s legacy of being the first CMO in the world to implement the 2000L scale Xcellerex™ single-use bioreactor, the first stage of this commercial expansion effort is a commercial manufacturing suite equipped with an initial set of 3X 2000L Xcellerex™ bioreactors and a dedicated purification suite (3 purification rooms).

This commercial manufacturing suite and related equipment are flexible and take advantage of single-use technologies for each unit operation leveraging our extensive experience with large-scale single-use equipment.

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Publication | Vertical Integration of Disposables in Biopharmaceutical Drug Substance Manufacturing

It will also be operated with strict adherence to regulations required for cGMP biopharmaceutical drug substance manufacturing.

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The following additional capabilities were added as part of this expansion effort in support of this new commercial manufacturing suite:

  • In-house media and buffer preparation facility
  • WFI generation
  • Expansion of clean unclassified areas
  • Material storage (cold and ambient)
  • Additional warehouse capacity


2000L XcellerexTM bioreactors


campaign operations


new purification rooms

downstream commercial manufacturing (1)