KBI’s broad range of product development services, expertise in biophysical and biochemical characterization of proteins, and flexible business model make us an excellent partner. Our contract development and manufacturing services are built on a strategic cornerstone of deep analytical capabilities. We are passionate in the belief that detailed protein characterization drives speed, benefiting clients at every stage of the development and manufacturing process.



KBI’s business model is designed from the ground up to help clients accelerate their path to market while reducing risk and building value. Our customers range from early stage biotech to global pharmaceutical companies, and also include academic/non-profit organizations. In every client testimonial we’ve received and in every client survey we’ve seen, we are proud to report that KBI is viewed as the most collaborative and responsive of all the contractors with whom our clients work. To date, we have served over 250 clients globally.

Trusted Experience

Trusted Experience.

KBI’s extensive track record of successful process development and manufacturing programs is a result of our unique approach of applying the insight gained from our advanced biophysical protein characterization methodologies, towards the development of robust and scalable processes. We deliver accelerated and integrated process development and cGMP manufacturing programs for a wide range of recombinant protein Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) for our clients, including numerous successful regulatory submissions.


KBI Biopharma wins the Triangle Business Journal's 2017 Life Sciences Company of The Year Award

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