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A Global CDMO Providing Innovative Biologic Solutions.

As the icon of next-generation CDMOs, KBI Biopharma is driving breakthroughs in biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing that positively impact the lives of patients worldwide.

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Comprehensive services for first-in-human, matched to your molecule

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Raising the bar on microbial expression and manufacturability

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Developing lasting solutions to analytical challenges in biologics

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Announcing the Operational Consolidation of KBI & Selexis to Operate as One Organization, Providing a Seamless Experience for Partners

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KBI is Redefining Contract, Comprehensive, Cutting-Edge, Collaborative, Complete, Consistent, Compliant, Critical, Connected, Cohesive, Capable

Development and Manufacturing Services for New Biologics

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SUREtechnology Platform™

Powered by Selexis® for premium, stable, and integrated CHO-based CLD.

• Versatile
• Scalable
• Efficient

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Featuring the KBI


A new standard of E. Coli expression for clean, efficient therapeutic protein production.

• Increased Efficiencies
• Exceptional Quality
• Engineered for Commercial Use

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Navigating a New Standard in Microbial Protein Expression

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Using Advanced Mass Spectrometry for Characterization and Quantitation of APIs and Impurities in Complex Biotherapeutics

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Streamlined Development For Efficient Production Of Bispecific Molecules Using An Integrated Platform Process

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Cell and Gene Therapies: Current Challenges and Promising Therapies on the Horizon

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As the icon of next-generation CDMOs, KBI is driving breakthroughs in Biopharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing to positively impact patients' lives around the world. 


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