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Navigating a New Standard in Microbial Protein Expression

At KBI Biopharma, our PUREplatform™ is everything you need to make a protein. Catered to your needs, our service package contains plasmids, strains, media, and a fermentation process that fit perfectly and efficiently together. Learn more about how to easily jump-start your microbial program to reduce impurities and reach higher titers. 

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Navigating a New Standard in Microbial Protein Expression

An ideal therapeutic protein “factory” creates a pure target product with high titers from the start, which can minimize development risk, timelines, and cost. E. coli has long been implemented as a therapeutic protein factory due to its simplicity, tractability, and wealth of information characterizing the microbe.

While common E. coli expression strains alter as many as five genes to improve one aspect of recombinant protein expression, KBI has created a platform E. coli with about 1,000 genes altered and roughly 1 Mbp of DNA removed. The result is a PURE, efficient platform expression strain—PUREcoli™. 



PURE in. PURE out. 



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