KBI Acquires Merck’s Commercial Microbial Facility

KBI Biopharma just acquired Merck’s microbial operations in Boulder, which expands KBI’s microbial development and manufacturing services up to 1500L scale.

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Clarifying the path to success

Proven process development & cGMP manufacturing services accelerated by advanced protein characterization.

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Accelerating the delivery of life saving drugs

KBI protein characterization expertise drives accelerated decision-making at every stage of your process development and manufacturing programs

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Exceeding expectations. Period.

We have successfully partnered with over 160 clients globally to rapidly advance their critical biopharmaceutical drug development programs.

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About KBI

KBI helps partners accelerate and optimize drug development and manufacturing programs with an extensive suite of expert development and manufacturing services in an agile, client-friendly partnering environment


Mass Spec Core Facility

KBI’s state-of-the-art mass spec core facility delivers unparalleled structural characterization services to our clients.  Our expert team provides the right data with the right insight at all stages of development.  


To help you bring better biotherapeutic medicines to the people who need them. KBI is making our expert team available to answer questions about challenges in your development program.