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Delivering on the Promise of


State-of-the-art Bispecific Antibody Development

Delivering on the Promise of Bispecifics: State-of-the-Art Bispecific Antibody Development

High-quality clinical bulk drug substances under accelerated timelines.
That's the power you have with KBI and Selexis.
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An off-the-shelf therapy that can be used immediately, rather than one that must be manufactured individually for each patient (such as chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapies, or CAR-Ts), can be a lifesaving treatment for patients who encounter difficult-to-treat or rapidly progressing diseases, including many cancers. 

The promise of bispecific antibodies (bsAbs) stems from their off-the-shelf nature and ability to bind to two or more epitopes, thereby performing multiple functions. 

Given the complexity of bsAbs, a cell-line development platform for these proteins must contain three key features to be sufficiently robust for generating bsAbs:

  • Stable and high expression of bsAbs
  • Straightforward early screening
  • A robust cell line that can handle stressors

Furthermore, advancing bsAbs from the bench into the clinic requires process development, analytical methods, and scale-up for cGMP manufacturing. 

The Selexis/KBI partnership combines best-in-class cell line development with science-driven, experienced contract development and manufacturing in a leverageable, integrated workflow that generates high-quality clinical bulk drug substances under accelerated timelines.

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