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Development of Protein A Continuous Chromatography

In this Webinar, KBI Biopharma, in collaboration with JSR Life Sciences, introduces a hybrid approach to multicolumn continuous chromatography (MCC) that converts the Protein A (ProA) capture chromatography step to a continuous chromatography process, offering many of the advantages of the MCC process while avoiding the challenges associated with connecting process steps.




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Development of Protein A Continuous Chromatography

Rapid advances in intensifying upstream processes for biologics production to achieve higher titers have left downstream processing as a potential bottleneck in the manufacturing scheme. MCC is an emerging technology that can significantly reduce material costs and time in plant. This mode of chromatography can lead to shorter processing times and improve efficiency as well as productivity compared to a traditional batch process.

Here, we focus on the conversion of a batch ProA step using Amsphere A3 resin to a 4-column continuous process on a BioSMB system.


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