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Microbial Expression Systems Get A Much Needed Upgrade

In this webinar, Dr. Nordwald discusses how the groundbreaking PUREplatform™ from KBI Biopharma improves microbial therapeutic protein expression. You’ll learn how PUREplatform can transform microbial drug substance production at a fraction of the scales previously needed. 



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Microbial Expression Systems Get A Much Needed Upgrade

For years, the biologics industry has struggled with inefficient microbial expression systems for producing proteins and antibodies that they need to manufacture new biopharmaceuticals. Difficulties with low titers, poor product quality, impurities in samples, and capacity constraints are just some of the challenges that scientists have with legacy systems.

Scientists at KBI Biopharma, led by Erik Nordwald, PhD, worked tirelessly for over two years to develop a novel state-of-the-art microbial cell line development platform that addresses these challenges. The new PUREplatform™ solution provides all the functionality that scientists need for optimal therapeutic protein production and development. 


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