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Poster: Accelerating Candidate Screening Through A Reliable Transient Expression Platform

Poster Presentation

Elise Fleury, Juliette Trepreau, Alexia Borgeat, Karine Brost dit Feuillet, Myriam Girard, Remi Bussat, and Myriam Adam


The KBI Biopharma team from our Geneva, Switzerland location recently published the results of their research in the scientific poster Accelerating Candidate Screening Through a Reliable Transient Expression Platform. 

Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell lines are widely used to produce therapeutic biomolecules. In the competitive, risky and expensive biopharmaceutic industry, it is crucial to rapidly produce high quality biotherapeutics at early stage. While functional studies and therapeutic evaluation are both essential, early screening and selection of top-drug candidates is one of the best strategies for cost-controlling and risk-mitigation in this industry. 

At KBI Biopharma, we have leveraged our decades of experience in leading the global CHO cell line development (CLD), powered by Selexis®. In this study, we demonstrated the high titers of our transient platform as well as its reliable predictivity of productivity and quality attributes for future stable expression. In summary, our new transient CHO platform is an excellent complement to our mammalian CLD services based on our SUREtechnology Platform™ and SURE CHO-M Cell Line™. The combination of high titers and reliable performance trends, over stable expression, enables accelerated and derisked selection of lead candidates.

Download our poster and see how our transient protein transfection produces biotherapeutics with high yield and purity, while also giving reliable trends in titers and product quality (PQ) profile over stable expression.


Download the Poster (PDF):