Technology continues to expand the possibilities of biopharmaceuticals, and many of the therapies being developed to meet patient needs in the new millennium are novel constructs. These molecules bring the promise of improved treatments for indications both large and small, but they also pose a new set of development and regulatory challenges. KBI has in-depth experience with next generation constructs such as multi-functional antibodies / proteins, fusion proteins / peptides, engineered domains with and without linker sequences, and others.

To excel in the area of novel constructs, you need a development and manufacturing partner with a broad range of capabilities and feature flexibility to customize their approach to your molecule. A CMO whose focus is on mammalian antibody processes using their proprietary CHO cell line will not be a fit for many of these exciting and desperately needed therapies.

KBI brings a proven track record in mammalian and microbial manufacturing systems using a range of cell line expression technologies. Our process development, analytical, and formulation scientists have delivered solutions for atypical challenges, time and again. KBI offers a customized development approach and a flexible business model to seamlessly integrate with our clients’ priorities and objectives.

New technologies require strong science from your contract services partner. Learn more about how KBI can transform your novel construct into clinical success.