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Case Study | CMO/CDMO Automates Glycan Workflows to Increase Business Capacity
Waters Corporation

KBI Biopharma Inc. implemented the Waters UNIFI Scientific Information System to automate and streamline its glycan workflows and expand project capacity to meet growing demand in the biopharmaceutical industry



KBI Biopharma Inc. is an award-winning biopharmaceutical contract services organization providing fully-integrated, accelerated drug development, and biomanufacturing services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies globally.

KBI Biopharma Inc. has worked closely with each of 300+ client partners to personalize and rapidly accelerate its drug development programs. They have built upon a foundation of world-class analytical capabilities to deliver efficient process development and clinical and commercial cGMP manufacturing services for mammalian, microbial, and cell therapy programs.

Most recently, through KBI’s acquisition of Elion Labs and Alliance Protein Labs, along with the expansion into Belgium to provide analytical services for the European market, KBI established the most powerful analytical capabilities in the biopharma CDMO industry.

A key driver of this continued success in analytical services is the Mass Spec Core Facility at KBI Biopharma Inc.’s Durham site. 


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