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Free “Community” edition

Price: $0

Purpose: Calibrate simple CEX models (non pH-dependent).


  • Intuitive user interface to powerful chromatography modeling solver (CADET)
  • Powerful parallel CADET runner
  • Assisted experiment data import (AKTA)
  • Model proteins using "Langmuir" or "Steric Mass Action" models.
  • Model calibration tools:
           - Multi-parameter grid explorer
           - Multi-parameter optimizer
  • 1-click installer for Windows and in-app software updater.
  • Installation support


Additional services

Contact us for details and pricing:

  • Reveal Chromatography "Professional edition" licenses
  • Modeling and Software support (40 hour packages, expire after 1 year).
  • Chromatography modeling consulting: experimental data collection or review, model building, process optimization and characterization.
  • Group training: “Model Calibration and Process Characterization with Reveal Chromatography” (3 days)
  • Group training: “Python scripting for Chromatography modeling” (3 days).
  • Software feature acceleration and software consulting.