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Fermentation Development

Integrated fermentation and purification development for optimized upstream processes


Flexible Fermentation Development Services

With Expert Analytical Development Teams


KBI Biopharma has extensive experience with microbial cell culture-derived proteins, including soluble protein expression in E.coli, S.cerevisae, and other microorganisms, inclusion body expression in E.coli, monoclonal antibodies, bispecific antibodies, enzymes, Fc fusion proteins, PEGylated proteins, and complex glycoproteins.

With efficient, high-quality, and flexible fermentation development services, KBI can readily develop or optimize upstream processes that are scalable and robust.

KBI’s integrated fermentation and purification development and analytical development teams work together to achieve program goals with the highest quality while maintaining the flexibility to accommodate a program’s needs.


KBI’s Fermentation Capabilities

  • Development of reliable, robust, and scalable processes
  • Research Cell Bank Generation
  • Medium Development
  • Pre-Clinical material supply
  • Identification of critical process parameters based on process characterization/design space mapping
  • Development of process control strategies
  • Production at pilot scale
  • Scale-down validation studies

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