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Cell Line Development

Mammalian Cell Line Development 

KBI can apply established mammalian recombinant protein expression systems to provide rapid cell line generation services using:

Both transient expression and stable pool generation approaches are available to support proof-of-concept (POC) material generation for preclinical programs designed to meet the client’s timeline and budgetary objectives.

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The master cell bank (MCB) generation is outsourced to established third-party vendors for full-scale process development and cGMP manufacturing programs. KBI conducts a vendor quality audit, transfers distribution vials of the selected RCB to the third party facility, manages and provides quality oversight of the pre-bank testing, the MCB production, testing, and release under cGMP. Learn more about our manufacturing services.

Microbial Cell Line Development

KBI applies proven, well-characterized, off-the-shelf, or engineered microbial recombinant protein expression systems to provide state-of-the-art cell line development. KBI leverages high throughput fermentation and analytical screening tools to rapidly identify the most promising expression strategy, including tailored approaches based on protein chemistry and structural assessment. Typical expression systems will drive soluble or insoluble protein accumulation in the cytosol, and periplasmic accumulation can be employed in specialized cases depending on the protein of interest. In instances where expression favors insoluble protein accumulation in inclusion bodies (IBs), KBI develops high-yielding recovery processes with the analytical characterization of conversion to an active product by solubilization and refolding procedures.

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